Daniel Huang

President + Lead Developer

Havish Netla

Machine Learning + AI

Jeffrey Yang

Frontend + Backend

Maryland's top high school programming team

Our Projects

First Place

hths.hacks() 2020

TooLegalDidntRead website

NLP legal document analyzer that summarizes and condenses legally binding documents, such as terms of service or privacy policy. Users are able to understand their rights and legal limitations through deep learning analysis of revelant US law, including case law and state law.

First Place (finance track)

HooHacks 2020

SupplySmart website

Social media data analyzer that leverages a Rust-based natural language processing engine and a TensorFlow deep learning model to efficiently determine the retail availability of commonly needed physical items, based on user-generated social media posts. Users are able to locate stores and other retail outlets close to their physical location that are in stock with the user's requested items.

First Place

Space Apps 2019 Washington

InfernoAI website

Machine learning wildfire prediction platform that leverages NASA satellite data, temperature data, and humidity data to predict possible future wildfires, allowing users to monitor locations and be alerted when there is a high risk of a wildfire.

Top 10

PennApps 2019 Fall

Deep learning live object and depth recognition with binaural AR audio spatialization and text-to-speech to help the visually impaired see the world with sound using only a smartphone and headphones.

News 451
Civic Track First Place

Sixth Baltimore Hackathon

News 451 is a minimalistic web application that allows users to see the recent news without clutter or ads. Users can gauge reliability and bias of their news using our custom machine learning model.

News 451 website

Rocket Launch
Second Place

Space Apps 2018 Baltimore

Rocket Launch App

Rocket Launch is an intuitive web application that allows the user plan seeing rocket launches. The software displays future rocket launch data, international launch sites, and atmospheric conditions.

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